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Sudden B-Roll: Parade in the Mission District of San Francisco

On our way to meet up with the talented Sean Ghazi for a music video shoot in the Mission District of San Francisco, we got stuck in (Mayan? Aztec? Religious? Protest? Mixture of everything?) parade traffic for 20-30 minutes. The police had the whole street shut down as a massive swarm of people engulfed our car as the procession went on. 

We eventually just turned the car off, got out and started to grab b-roll shots of the "festivities". The footage is now going in to the music video! 

Moral of the story: always try to be making lemonade out of lemons!


Palace of Fine Arts

Throwback Thursday: Filming "Urban Shield" Exercises on Old Span Of Bay Bridge

New Years morning 2015 in the Richmond District - San Francisco, Calif.