Wiring The Office With Thunderbolt 2

33' Thunderbolt 2 Cable Being Hidden Below Baseboard - Routed to hard drive closet.

33' Thunderbolt 2 Cable Being Hidden Below Baseboard - Routed to hard drive closet.

Wiring the office with (hidden) Thunderbolt 2 - incognito style! The 33' Corning cable I'm using, uses a fiber optic connection, instead of the standard copper thunderbolt cables, and is capable of MUCH LONGER runs of Thunderbolt 2 cable. (they make a 200' version!) Highly recommended if you want to get your noisy hard drives and other equipment out of you're edit bay.

Corning 33' Optical Thunderbolt 2 Cable

Corning 33' Optical Thunderbolt 2 Cable

Glo-Blades Kickstarter Project

Glo-Blades are a skating accessory (roller/ice) that allows you to attach touch-controllable LED lights to your skates, and "skate on light".

The company was founded by Ralph Haney over three years ago, after he had his "ah-ha" moment at Snoopy's Home Ice while skating with his family. He shined his pen LED light down on the ice and noticed how it glowed brilliantly on the dim ice rink.

The rest was history!
— Ralph Haney, CEO Glo-Blades Intl.

Countless dollars and over three years of research and development went in to creating this device from scratch. Being on the cusp of having a finished product, but without the dollars to push it into mass production, Glo-Blades needed to get creative with the final funding to make the dream a reality.

  Enter: Kickstarter. Ralph had done many hours of research on crowd funding and decided a Kickstarter campaign would be the best option. Elevate Visuals was then commissioned to create the Kickstarter film that would help propel the campaign forward for the final push towards mass deployment of the finished product.

Glo-Blades In Action

Glo-Blades In Action


The Glo-Blades Team

The Glo-Blades Team

We began with "story meetings" to plan the structure and flow of the video so that it would make the most impact in explaining how Glo-Blades came to be, and how they have arrived where they are today - on the verge of mass production!

We knew we had to convince people to part with their hard earned dollars, based on the promise and potential of a product that has yet to fully make it to market. We chose to go with the sincere and authentic route vs. hyper-polished and impersonal. This was helped along by choosing the father-son founders, Ralph and his son Stephen, starring in the video.


Production started with multiple trips to Snoopy's Home Ice to capture real skaters using the prototypes in a real skating environment. It was essential to capture many different types of skaters using the product, to show that it is absolutely universal, and can be appreciated by young and old, beginner to professional.

The main structure of the video was captured by us with Ralph and Steve giving their pitch to the potential Kickstarter supporters.

Much of this B-Roll was simply handed off to us on a drive and captured from different devices such as cell phones, low end camcorders, 5D's, T2i's, tape-based sources, etc.

Kim and Brent on the set of the popular television show "Glee".

Kim and Brent on the set of the popular television show "Glee".

Don’t let your support stay in the dark!
— Kim Navarro

Next came testimonials with the professional ice skaters!

Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre were on hand to give their professional testimonials and film some b-roll of them "skating on light," with Glo-Blades.

Kim and Brent are professional Ice Dancers and competitive skating partners.

They have appeared on "Battle of the Blades," and the poplar television show "Glee." Navarro and Bommentre now perform with the Ice Theatre of New York.



The Final Edit Ready For Export

The Final Edit Ready For Export

There were countless iterations of this video as we went back and forth with the Glo-Blades team, but it all started to come together once the "right" music was selected. was the tool of choice for finding affordable tunes to support the vibe and drive the video forward.

The mass of data was easily handled by the new (maxed out) iMac edit-beast, accompanied by the Pegasus R4 Thunderbolt RAID!

  • 27" iMac (Late 2013 Model)
  • 3.5GHz Intel Core i7
  • 32GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M 4GB RAM

Post production commenced by organizing the gigabytes beyond gigabytes of data accumulated over the past three years of research and development.

Everything from low-res cell phone pictures to grainy camcorder clips to cinematic 5D footage was dumped on a hard drive and handed off to us to go along with the footage we filmed of the talent.

I began key-wording the many different scenes, skaters, prototype revisions, stills, videos, takes and so on and so on...


 A big thank you to Glo-Blades and the Kickstarter supporters out there! To check out the newly launched Glo-Blades website and the Kickstarter page, click on the links below!