Tangent Ripple: Update On $350 Color Grading Panel Release

At IBC 2015, Tangent Wave Ltd. debuted a working prototype of their new entry level color grading panel, with the intent to gather feedback from everyone ranging from post production professionals, to novice colorists who might not have previously had a color grading panel on their radar due to the extreme cost. (eg. Davinci Resolve Color Grading Panel - $29,995). They estimated the device to debut in early 2016 and cost a mind blowing $350.

Tangent has made some improvements since September at IBC, based on customer feedback, and has given a brief update to the design changes made. This is accompanied with a new release date pushed back to the end of April, with actual production units being displayed at NAB 2016 (early April).

Below is the brief update on this very exciting product:

09 February 2016: Ripple - Production design finalized

It’s been a while since we’ve made any announcements about Ripple so we thought we’d post a quick update.
At IBC we showed working prototypes of the panel and we came away with a few suggestions that we thought it would be worth incorporating into the final product. These were:
  • Increasing the size of the dials.
  • Increasing the distance the gap between the ball and the dial.
  • Making the “finger dimple” in the dial deeper.
  • Adding some kind of “grip” to the edge of dial.
All of the above were to make it easier to operate the dial. Click on the thumbnail to the left to see the final design that's now in production.
Incorporating the above changes has inevitably delayed the release date of Ripple. We had originally hoped to get the panel out some time in March, but it now looks most likely that it will start shipping at the end of April.
The good news is that we will be showing Ripple on our booth at NAB (SL5507) and on some of our partner’s booths, so you'll be able try out the production model there if you’ll be in Vegas for the show.

We can't wait to get our hands on one and start putting it through its paces on some projects! While it's obviously a more basic, less robust panel, the potential to take this product out of the edit bay and on the road with us is very exciting - but the true game changer is the $350 price tag. That is incredible value in comparison to what the "entry level" product pricing in the color grading panel realm is right now (somewhere in the $1500 range - Tangent Wave). At that price, even the average video person can start using real color grading equipment to learn the techniques and theory, without having to shell out the equivalent cost of a mid sized sedan!

As usual, NAB cant come soon enough!