First, let's talk. After you read through this short orientation and take a look around, feel free to send us an email through our contact form or email directly to and let us know what you are looking for. There is no need for a lot of detail at this point, just a brief run down of who you are and what you're looking to have done. Once we get the basic details from you, we can continue the conversation about the project through email, over the phone or even better - in person. We will go over basics like who is this video for and about? Who is the audience? Where will it be distributed? 


Once we have discussed all the project details and estimated pricing, we will send you a contract and invoice for the project’s initial deposit so we can get to work. For most projects, we require a 25-50% deposit before beginning on any pre-production, planning, scripting, etc. Once we have the signed contract and deposit, we will begin.


This is the time when the concept of the video will be hammered out on paper and the creative process truly begins.

This includes:

  • Initial discussion of the video(s) concept and subject matter with the client.

  • Scouting locations.

  • Source cast/crew (if applicable).

  • Prepare outline, script and/or shot list.

  • Plan equipment needs (including specialty gear that may need to be rented). 

  • Any other things to get us ready to begin filming.

After we have a script or storyboard in hand, we can finally get to the "fun" part - filming. Pre-production and production can vary wildly depending on the project, so it's not really possible to give a general estimate as to just how long this process will take in this brief guide. Rest assured, we will work hard to deliver your video in as short an amount of time as possible.


This is where the magic really happens. We will take the raw footage and turn it in to an amazing video that you can be proud of. This doesn't come without it's own challenges though - as post production can take the most time out of all the phases of production.

This is where we will begin editing your project, creating titles and graphics, recording voice over, color grading, sound sweetening, adding music, etc. This is also where the client feedback and revisions process will be happening, as we go back and forth with you to fine tune the edit and make sure the video is just how you want it. Once the video is polished and ready to go, we will invoice for the final portion of payment, and the final video will be delivered on receipt of this payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us!