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Quick Review: Neat Video Is Magic

Neat Video is definitely a plug-in worth checking out if you shoot and/or edit footage with annoying digital noise cause by high ISO's in LOW LIGHT conditions. -

Check the example below for an idea of how the plug in is able to remove the ugly grain, yet retain the detail of the original image. It's absolutely MAGICAL.

For all the beautiful results you can get from Neat Video, the plugin's website is pretty damn ugly looking. This isn't a case of simplicity = ease of use either...Its downright confusing on how to even buy the plugin, download it, and install it.

You can try the trial version, but don't bother buying anything but the Pro version, as its the only one that supports resolutions 1080p and higher...and if you aren't working in at least 1080p at this point, what are you doing reading this in the first place? Trust me, Its $99.90 well spent, you won't be sorry!

You can buy the plugin for many different platforms, but we use it in FCPX mostly. Once installed, simply drag it on to your clip(s) that need "help". You'll notice that nothing has happened, which is normal. In the inspector tab, click the "Select To Open" drop down and then it will open the Neat Video window and you can start sampling noise patterns to have the plugin use to do its voodoo.

More info on that here:

It's a huge resource hog, so I'd recommend waiting until you're almost ready to export you're project before applying this noise reduction. Even at 1080p it will bring very powerful Mac's to an absolute crawl - but its totally worth it in the end!


I highly recommend this plugin and can't imagine not having it in our arsenal of tools, there is simply nothing else out there for this price, that works this well!

hopefully someone can help them out on their website, though... ;-)