stock library Stock Music Service - Flat Rate Pricing Revealed


What is it?

A while back I stumbled upon - a stock music licensing service in the same vein as some of the other popular online music licensing firms such as Premium Beat and The Music Bed. At the time I first heard of the pricing had not been revealed, so I didn't think much of it, but today that has changed. players side

What's different?

The main differentiating factor to this new service is that it has a flat rate pricing scheme, while the competition tends to have a much more convoluted and pricey ($$$) method of licensing their tracks. This more complicated system generally starts at base licensing cost with additional add-on fees for commercial work, if it will be appearing on television, audience size, etc. The costs can very quickly add up, trust me.


The new pricing announced earlier today comes at somewhat of a shock to me - $199/year for unlimited songs and usages. In comparison, a single basic license for a single song from The Music Bed is that exact same price, before you even get in to the extended usage rights!

That is very attractive, to say the least.

Final Thoughts

While the "all you can eat" pricing and slick look of the service are very intriguing, the true test of value will come when they officially launch the service online, in February 2016. After downloading the sample tracks (that are available for a limited time on I'm fairly impressed at the quality. Our early impressions over here are good and It's definitely more towards the Music Bed end of the quality spectrum than some of the other more "stock music-y sounding" services that tend to leave you cringing.

Basically, it appears that it's real music, made by real musicians. Not the usual crap-ola tracks that sound like the theme music to an early 1990's video game rather than the backbone of your latest cinematic masterpiece. Only time will tell if the $199/year flat rate is a good value, but we have a pretty good feeling about this one!

Free Stuff!


Be sure to go grab the 5 free tracks at before they are gone!



Add Your External Stock Libraries to FCPX Sound and Music Browser

You can easily add your external media libraries or folders to FCPX's built in media browser in just a couple easy steps. This will allow you to browse folders and libraries on your machine through the Final Cut Pro X interface, without having to tab over to a Finder window, look for the items you want, drag them in, or fuss around with the import window.

1. Simply drag whatever folder ("Test Folder" in this case) containing your desired media library in to the Music and Sound browser.


The folder will automatically appear in the Sound and Music browser from now on. If the media folder being referenced is on an external drive and the drive is disconnected, then the media will be unavailable, obviously. If you had already used media from the added folder, it will have been copied to your FCPX Event, and will not go offline, even if the drive was disconnected. 

To remove any added folders, simply right click on the folder in the Sound and Music browser and click "Remove Folder."