santa monica

Fly Around The Santa Monica Pier With 'Santa Monica Airlines'

Here's an impressive aerial GoPro video of a heli/quadcopter on a flight around the Santa Monica Pier. Its pretty amazing how smooth the camera moves are as the craft glides down the beach and weaves through the ferris wheel and roller coaster tracks.

Generally these types of videos are one of two types...

1. Perfectly filmed with a 5D, RED, etc mounted on some fairly large R/C helicopter with a high tech gimbal and vibration dampening system, all controlled by a seasoned pilot on the ground with remote viewing capabilities, etc.

2. A horrible, vibration riddled, toy-ish copter rig that totally defeats the purpose of aerial video, which is  getting that beautifully smooth, floating footage that can be achieved with high tech camera rig.

The issue with these bigger, more robust rigs is that they can't take you as close to the subject or action due to the size. This video shows just how compelling aerial video can be, especially when its not just filmed from afar, but when it brings you IN TO and THROUGH the shot on a small rig.