New Footage: Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (Training Day)

Last year Blackmagic Design unveiled a few new cameras at NAB 2015. While most people obviously gravitated towards the 4.6k Ursa Mini with it's high resolution Super 35 sensor, high frame rates, and many other pro level features, the Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera with Super 16mm sensor seemingly slipped under the radar, in comparison.

With us now nearly in to the month of March, and NAB 2016 right around the corner, the customer anger (or RAGE?) is building day after day over the epic delays for these cameras that were promised to begin delivering back in July. Per usual, there is next to no communication from Blackmagic Design as to why any of this is happening, but finally some sample footage has begun trickling out from behind the "iron curtain" through it's secret network of beta testers.

This beta footage from the Micro Cinema Camera looks great, and shows just how amazing a feature like 60p can be. I'd say it's probably the most sorely missed capability of the original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, at least for us. That, and the horrific battery life - now seemingly fixed with the implementation Canon LP-E6 batteries in the Micro Cinema Camera.

I'm still not sure about the design of this diminutive camera, although I do like the "cube" form factor for cameras in general, as you can easily cage and bolt things to it, similar to RED cameras - known for their flexibility and modularity.

As it comes with no screen of any kind, you essentially need to have it rigged up with some kind of viewfinder or monitor to even see what your filming or what settings you are in, thus sort of defeating the purpose of the small form factor - sigh...

Although, it should be perfect for all instances you would of otherwise HAD TO use a GoPro, and get stuck with trying to mix that garbage image quality in with your other footage (yuck).

Even a small overall size increase, to add a simple display (similar to GoPro's tiny screen?) of some kind to show what settings you're in, would probably be welcomed by most.

NAB 2016 is looming large, and Blackamgic will surely look to grab all the attention again this year, as its kind of "their thing" now. So, who knows what they will introduce this year...

Maybe the mythical combination of:

  • Pocket Sized Camera
  • Super 35 Sensor
  • High Frames Rates (even modest ones)

Also, notice how I said "introduce" and not "ship"? Why would they ever want to do a thing like that!?