Tahoe Timelapse: A Bear Story

This is a timelapse I took during my family trip to the north end of Lake Tahoe this past July. You might be wondering, "Thats nice, but why is it so short?". Well, the answer to that would be "BEAR!".

We had a cabin/house with the backyard backed right up to the lake, with a deck, a lawn, a private beach and a dock. It was pretty awesome, but about 45 minutes in to the timelapse, I heard a splashing sound in the water nearby...I didn't think much of it because there was some teeny bopper kids jumping off their dock and night swimming a little earlier, right next door.

Suddenly the sound started getting closer...The splashing started to be accompanied by snorting, and heavy breathing. I looked down in the water, squiting to try to see what it was. Once I was able to make out the big mass moving through the water, I realized I was within about 10 feet of a BEAR!


I started to run back towards the safety of the house, but I (stupidly) turned around to grab my tripod, camera and my friend's Canon L lens I was borrowing. I wasn't going to let the bear eat my equipment, or knock it in to the lake! Suddenly, the bear got out of the water and started walking up the beach toward me. Everyone in the house was woken up by the commotion, and gathered around the windows outlooking the backyard, just to watch the bear...well, watching them...then he finally turned and sauntered off down the shore and in to the night...

Anyway, I decided to call it a night after the bear incident, and figured no timelapse is worth getting ripped limb from limb, but this is what I was left with which is it just fine with me!

Note: I was using about a 30 second exposure for this, if I recall correctly - @24mm f2.8