FCPEFFECTS.COM Fisheye Removal Plugin Test

I recently purchased a fisheye lens for my crop sensor Canon DSLR, and it's incredibly fun to play with. While the fisheye look, is very cool in some situations, sometimes I wish i could just lessen the distortion, while still retaining the super wide angle.

ENTER: the "Fisheye Removal Plugin" from fcpeffects.com. Let me just say, right off the bat - this plugin is excellent! Obviously, no plugin will ever be a replacement for a proper rectilinear lens (no distortion) but this can really improve your fisheye shots by essentially "flattening" the curved image to the point where the distortion of straight lines is much less noticable.

I highly reccomend checking out fcpeffects.com for other plugins, as well. There is a big selection and its always being updated with the latest and greatest for FCPX.

PRO TIP: There is almost always some kind of promo code for this website, and its usually pretty substantial, so I highly reccomend checking for one before buying anything.


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